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Why Homework Is Not Good For Kids

The principal idea behind why homework was invented is to enhance learning and the capacity of students. Despite having many advantages, home task comes with disadvantages, which can be detrimental to students.

A study shows that some students undergo stress and may have adverse health implications due to loads of tasks assign them after lessons. This explains why homework is terrible in specific contexts. In this piece, we will share why homework can be bad for students’ development.

Why too much homework is bad for kids

The National Education Association (NEA) and National PTA (NPTA) consider standard homework to be 10 minutes according to the grade level. In essence, first-grade students can enjoy 10 minutes of home tasks with high school students having two hours. Both associations appreciate the importance of assignments, yet they believe that too much of it could be hazardous. In support of their stand, experts have warned that anything more than the standard 10 minutes per grade can harm kids in first grade.

Speaking with CNN, Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman indicated that aside from homework at lower levels not beneficial to kid’s grades or GPA, there’s enough evidence that it’s counterproductive and affects their attitude towards school. It may also affect their grades, social skills, self-confidence, and quality of life.That notwithstanding, some teachers disregard the standards and overburdens students with homework. Recent research found that an average of 28 and 29 minutes of homework are assigned first and second graders. Also, although kindergarteners are exempted from home tasks, they assigned about 25 minutes of task per night. The phenomenon creates stress among the kids and their families as well, especially when parents are not educated enough to help their kids out.

Why homework is harmful to high school students

Just like the kids, high school students also have their share of effects from homework. A 2013 research by Stanford University revealed that students from high-achieving communities suffer stress, exclusiveness, troubled life, and other health problems due to spending much time on homework. It is proven that more than two hours of assignment per night can be harmful. Students who undergo long hours of night tasks experience symptoms of stress, including sleep deprivation, headache, weight loss, stomach problems, and exhaustion. Some also resort to drug use to cope with the high-stress level

Most high school students have to sacrifice many social activities to get their assignments done. In effect, they are trading other important extracurricular activities for school activities. No time to help parents at home, socialize with friends, engage in hobbies, and many other things that can help nurture their talent and skills.


As discussed above, homework is bad with its health and social implications. There won’t be any benefit for both students and teachers if students perceive home tasks as a form of punishment or restriction mechanism. However, if teachers can comply with the 10 minutes per grade level standard, the effects will be minimized. It is also advisable to find an assignment helper or a writer homework help for kids to reduce stress and studying pressure. After all, quality is better than quantity.

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