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11 Pandemic-Related Writing Assignments for Students

11 Significant Writing Assignments Associated with the Pandemic

Writing can prove useful to students as an avenue of expression when it comes to their feelings, besides linking them with others in uncertain times. The Covid-19 pandemic has ensured that students have to stay at home to keep safe and healthy. As such, 123 Homework becomes useful to give them learning opportunities and can get them to express the world happenings with trusted peers and adults alike.

So what ideas can prove useful for writing assignments in the current environment?

  1. Interviewing senior members within the community. The pandemic situation has seen older members in the community becoming more at risk than any other age group. As such, organizing an assignment where kids can listen from such elderly community members increases insignificance. You can have kids generate and conduct a model interview after coming up with interview questions. 
  2. Folding stories. Within the traditional context of the activity, an individual writes one or two sentences on a paper and folds it to allow visibility of the last phrase or word. The subsequent person then continues writing the story before repeating the first step. It can prove possible to accomplish virtually by disclosing the last phrase or word to the next student. After everyone contributes, you can then share the story with everyone in the class.
  3. Dialogue journals. It’s a journal that entails a student and a teacher writing continuously with each other. The process assists instructors to develop relationships with every learner besides observing the academic progress of the students when it comes to their writing skills. 
  4. Learner-to-learner letters. You can organize things like letter-writing groups or pen pals and ask the learners to write each other letters using sample questions and prompts.
  5. Writing to a choice author. Many times, an expert writer can represent an excellent correspondent to a kid fan. Further, such an author can give useful insight into the crucial features of a book. 
  6. Adapting a piece of text to mirror existing conditions. You can assign students the task of rewriting a specific text to suit an existing and realistic situation.
  7. Write a letter to an editor. It’s crucial to guide a student through crafting an excellent letter to a specific editor. It should reflect their thoughts about policies, leaders, and potential solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can then post the submission on a class website, school, or district.
  8. A student blog. Encourage your students to create and share mentor texts in the form of student journalism. You can also invite students to brainstorm column and article ideas while others assuming roles as section editors.
  9. Slow-looking documentation. It refers to a prolonged observation occurring through the five senses. Students can use strategies in this method to write about specific observations.
  10. Pandemic comics. It’s a graphic medicine genre that uses comics in exploring the emotional and physical effects of specific medical conditions. The art can prove useful to students in expressing themselves concerning the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  11. Pandemic journals. It entails students processing and documenting their experience for the coming generations.


It can prove useful to consider the eleven writing assignments during these Covid-19 times. What better way to sharpen your writing skills by immersing yourself with real and significant issues?

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