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Top 10 Good Homework Tips For Kindergarten

It seems weird to think that a child will be assigned nightly work before they even are in the first grade, but he or she will. There won’t be work every night, but there will be homework. It may be sight word recognition, color recognition, or counting. You may have to read to your child or ask questions of your child. All of this work will give the child a strong foundation for years to come. Here are a few good homework tips for the kindergarten child.

  1. Be nearby. You want to be close enough to come for any needed assistance, but far enough to give a sense of security. The kitchen table has been homework central for small children through the years because of this perfect location.
  2. Do not do your child’s work. Ever.
  3. The child may cry when he or she becomes frustrated. You want to calm the child, and slowly pull the child through the work. To not do the assignment can create an attitude of walking away from difficulty. Do not let the child quit if at all possible.
  4. Make it fun-use jelly beans for counting and for colors.
  5. Sleep. There may be days when sleep trumps homework. Listen to your child’s body, but do make sure your child is getting enough sleep each night.
  6. Good nutrition. Too much sugar will make your child cranky and irritable. Heavy foods will make your child sluggish. The kindergartener needs good nutrient-fruits and vegetables.
  7. Be the parent. You are not a friend and not a teacher; you are the parent. Always remember that.
  8. Know your child’s teacher. You should have regular conferences and conversations with your teacher’s child. The teacher should not be a stranger to you.
  9. Always voice your concerns. This does not mean you call the teacher every day nor do you question what the teacher does everyday. You do listen and watch hour child. Then after time, if you see something that alarms you-contact the teacher.
  10. Practice does make perfect. And questions create a sense of discovery. It is important to remember that not all homework comes from the teacher and not all learning takes place in the classroom. It happens everywhere. So, help your child to be successful.

Use our 10 homework tips for your kindergarten child for a successful experience.

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