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Creative Punishments for Learners Forgetting Homework

Most parents often run out of patience when they receive a call from the school, reporting that their kid has forgotten to complete their homework. It doesn’t matter whether the kid is defiant when it comes to homework or genuinely forgot to do it, and the school needs them to finish homework given by teachers. There are some creative ways of punishing such students that will hopefully motivate them to complete their homework on time and avoid inconveniences in the future.

Natural consequences.

It doesn’t help much to yell at your kid whenever they forget to do their homework; let them taste the natural consequences of not submitting homework on time instead. In elementary school, teachers may deny such students recess time while those in high school may accord extra assignments to students who hand in their jobs late. Also, dwindling grades is a consequence that results from not doing homework.

Remind your kids that they must complete homework on time and submit it whenever they get upset about the punishments they receive. It will make them complete their assignments on time and avoid further consequences in the future.

Home Homework.

An excellent way to help a forgetful kid is to create assignments on top of their school assignments. These assignments ought to have a boring effect, for example writing numbers 1 through to 100 in neat handwriting or even constructing sentences using new vocabulary and phrases. When you employ this punishment measure, they will want to avoid it at all costs, and therefore they’ll have to complete their assignments on time. Another way of incorporating this form of punishment is making them do unpleasant chores instead of giving them written work. An example may be asking then to wipe and clean the whole floor and doorknobs in the house. Naturally, the more boring a chore is, the higher chance the kid will want to avoid it by completing their assignments on time.

Reward System.

A better way to make your child do homework is by establishing incentives that motivate them. A simple way you can use to achieve this is by awarding them a point each time they submit their homework on time. After that, you can choose to redeem these points after they accumulate to a certain number for a price. If they don’t submit their homework in time, you can deduct a point from the points they have.

Every kid wants to get the reward, and you can be sure that they will complete their assignments. Similarly, they will add more effort into their school work, which will, in turn, make their grades better with time.

Make Them Pay.

You may wonder how exactly this will work out. Simply put, your kid has to pay a fine for not completing their homework on time or forgetting to complete it. For example, you can set the fine at $1 for any daily delay or a $5 for not attempting their homework ultimately. The amount you chose to fine your kids will depend on the allowance you give them.

What happens when they have exhausted all their allowance money, yet they’re still not motivated to do homework? You can choose to give them jobs around the house; they can do to pay off their “debt.”


These methods all have the aim of assisting your kid for their benefit and education excellence. It isn’t meant to hurt them or abuse their rights. Hopefully, whatever method you choose to employ will bear good results.

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